Volunteer Background Screening

Volunteer service is a great way to give back to the community. In order to assure the safety of our children and youth, PRESCREEN SOLUTIONS has implemented a background screening program specially designed for volunteers and non-profit organizations. A background check should be conducted on anyone interacting with students; employees, volunteers, independent contractors, including parent volunteers chaperoning field trips and anyone working with students in a sponsored activity or sport. PRESCREEN SOLUTIONS is proud to announce that it has partnered with National Background Data and their Safety 1st Volunteer Screening Program.

  • Criminal records search on the full name and/or aka's used by the volunteer
  • Dates as listed addresses
  • Validity of SSN provided
  • Age or date of birth
  • Available phone information
  • Turnaround time in less than 72 hours

Background Screening is a solution to end the anxiety and ensure a safe and positive experience, thereby allowing continued care and teaching. It is also not a one-time process, it is continual!

PRESCREEN SOLUTIONS provides group discounts.

PRESCREEN SOLUTIONS recommends that organizations and non-profits develop policies that include an annual re-screening program. Not only does this procedure secure the credibility of the organization but it also protects their participants.

Safety 1st was designed, created and is subsidized by National Background Data, LLC. The Safety 1st Volunteer Screening Program is available only through a select group of NBD professional background screening company affiliates that have a deep understanding of volunteer and nonprofit organizations and are already providing professional quality background screening services.